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What is a flipper?

A flipper is a temporary space holder or temporary retainer, usually no more than a year, that replaces your missing tooth or teeth during the healing process after a dental implant is placed.

When should I get a flipper?

This temporary retainer is usually made by Dr. Morgan before your tooth is removed and your implant is placed so the space will be filled (for cosmetic reasons) during your healing process.  As the area of your dental extraction heals, a flipper may require adjustment so please call this office should you require an adjustment to your flipper.

How is a flipper made?

A flipper is made using impressions of teeth.  The impressions are sent to a dental laboratory where the temporary retainer is made to order and a fake tooth which is shade matched to your surrounding teeth is added.

How do I care for a flipper?

A flipper should be cleaned daily with a “medium soft” tooth brush and a non-abrasive tooth paste.  Do not soak in mouthwash or other chemicals.  Remove your flipper nightly to prevent gum inflammation and infection.  When not in public, remove your retainer while eating to prevent potential damage and stain.

Post-Delivery Instructions