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Laser Dentistry

What is Laser Dentistry?

Lasers have been used in dentistry for more than 20 years. With each advancement, laser continue to provide superior, predictable results with less discomfort than traditional “cutting and stitching” methods.

How can lasers be used in the mouth?

Lasers have now become the preferred method for treating most gum and soft tissue areas like the tongue and cheeks. Common procedures include cosmetic smile shaping (gummy smile), trimming swollen gums, and killing bacteria that are responsible for gum infection. Lasers are used to correct feeding and speech issues for tongue-tied children. Reducing tendon attachments that cause gaps in the front teeth is also an often requested procedure in adults. Tissue tags that develop as a result of cheek biting are quickly removed with a laser. Most recently, one of the most popular procedures involves using laser to reduce the healing time for canker sores.

Why are lasers better for gum surgery?

Lasers for gum surgery have multiple benefits over using scalpels. A laser makes clean cuts causing less post-operative pain and shortened healing time. Overall, a laser cauterizes tissue as it goes which greatly reduces bleeding. The greatest benefit of lasers in gum surgery is that they also destroy bacteria in the surgical site providing better surgical results.

Which laser does Dr. Morgan use?

Dr. Morgan uses a Diode Laser. This extremely safe and gentle tool can be used in almost all laser dentistry applications. Dr. Morgan mainly uses it for cosmetically contouring gums in the smile area and to treat infected gums around old fillings, crowns, and to expose cavities that have formed at or below the gum line.