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Post-Delivery Instructions for Flippers

Please follow these instructions to properly care for your flipper.

  1. Clean daily with a “medium soft” tooth brush and a non-abrasive tooth paste.  Do not soak in mouthwash or other chemicals.
  2. Keep your flipper out of reach from pets and children, especially dogs.
  3. Call this office should you require an adjustment to your flipper.
  4. Only wearing your flipper daily will ensure that it properly holds the space needed for future restorations.
  5. Remove your flipper nightly to prevent gum inflammation and infection.
  6. When not in public, remove your retainer while eating to prevent potential damage and stain.
  7. Remember that your flipper is a temporary space holder, usually no more than a year, but proper care will help it last until your final restoration is placed.
  8. Failure to properly care for your flipper may result in damage and therefore additional charges for repair.

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