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Yes, Your Mom Had Bad Teeth

Many believe that if a parent has “bad teeth” then a child is destined for that condition as well.  Good News!  That is actually not the case.  Cavities are caused by bacteria.  While multiple bacteria play a role in cavities, the primary culprit is a nasty strain called streptococcus mutans that thrives by producing acid from sugar in your diet. I have seen the occasional patient with truly soft enamel, …Read More

Root Canals Are a Good Thing

OK.  I don’t want to scare anyone here.  Root canal therapy is still the best and most effective way to save a badly infected tooth and nowadays it can be done with very little discomfort and anxiety.  But, if you don’t believe me well then that is why we sedate patients.  Wait!  I now know my next dental blog topic.  “Root Canals are a Good Thing!”

Finding a New Dentist

Finding the right dental practice that fits your needs can feel like a daunting task.  Luckily with today’s technology, there are many new tools to aid you in finding the right dental team.  The internet offers multiple avenues for finding a good practice.  You can look up the practice through the practice web site.  There you can read about the practice, the dentist and staff and their office philosophy, policies …Read More

Why Do I Keep Getting Cavities?

I hear this question almost daily.  “Doc, I brush my teeth everyday, why do I KEEP getting cavities?” Most people have no idea that it is possible to get a cavity under or around an existing filling.   Actually, once a tooth has had a cavity in need of repair, it is actually easier for a cavity to regrow around that filling than it ever was trying to get through …Read More

My First Dental Blog

I know that in today’s world of social media, blogs have become a great way to spread information to numerous people.  Additionally, there are so many topics in the world of Dentistry that I have learned and practiced, now I feel it is time air out some of this helpful information.  I will start by answering the one question that I get as a dentist EVERY DAY! “Why did I …Read More