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Extended Contact Fluoride Varnish

What is Extended Contact Fluoride Varnish?

Extended Contact Fluoride Varnish is a bonded fluoride that delivers fluoride for up to 6 months on a tooth after placement.  It is placed on a “per-tooth” basis by Dr. Morgan.

What dental conditions can be treated with Extended Contact Fluoride Varnish?

It is commonly used for teeth that are missing enamel at the gumline, on very sensitive teeth that have been “deep cleaned” exposing more root of a tooth, and teeth that have not responded to traditional fluoride rinses, sensitivity toothpastes, and traditional fluoride varnishes or gels.  In some cases the varnish is applied to teeth that are erupting (such as molars in children) and are difficult to clean or are still partially covered by the gums.  It can also be used around orthodontic brackets to assist in fortifying the enamel and preventing cosmetic blemishes that sometimes develop.

Post-Operative Instructions