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What Happens at my New Patient Exam?

In order to provide a thorough assessment of a patient’s dental health, radiographs and a hands-on dental exam will be given. Radiographs normally consist of cavity detecting bitewing x-rays and an ear-to-ear panoramic x-ray. These radiographs are used by the doctor to detect decay, infection, and other problems that are not visible to the naked eye.

During the dental exam previous dental work in a patient’s mouth is recorded, dental and medical health history is recorded, a head and neck screening for cancer is given, a baseline blood pressure is assessed, gum health is determined, each tooth is surveyed, and radiographs are shared and read by the doctor. During the exam the doctor will share with the patient the need for any future dental work, the presence of infection, and answer any questions the patient might have. If you are not experiencing a gum infection and there is time left after your dental exam your teeth will be cleaned by our dental hygienist.