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Post-Operative Instructions for Temporary Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges

Please follow these instructions while you are awaiting your permanent crown or bridge.  Do not hesitate to call the office should you have any questions about your temporary.

  1. Avoid eating sticky foods (caramel, chewing gum, hard candy) on the side of the mouth with a temporary crown.
  2. Do not floss the area around your temporary crown.  Should you find it necessary to do so, pop your floss in between your teeth and then pull it out on the side.  Do not pop the floss back out as it can cause the loss and/or damage of your temporary crown.
  3. Your temporary plays an important role in protecting your tooth and holding the space for your permanent crown or bridge.  Should it need recementing or become damaged please call our office during business hours and we will be happy to recement or repair it.
  4. Should your temporary become uncemented on the weekend or while you are out of town, purchase temporary dental cement from a drugstore or use the packet attached here.  Remove any cement left in the temporary and replace it with a “teardrop” amount of cement.  Do not leave any cement on your gums.
  5. It is normal to have significant changes in response to temperature and soreness at the injection site after dental restorations.  This should subside within a few days and in some cases weeks.  If your pain gets progressively worse or is causing more than mild discomfort, please call this office.
  6. Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) is very effective for dental pain. Two to four tablets may be taken four times a day for the next 3-4 days (if needed) to help control the sensitivity in this area.
  7. Should the gums around crown temporary crown become sensitive, rinse 4 times a day with a warm salt water solution (½ tsp salt to ½ cup water).

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