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Post-Delivery Instructions for Comfort HardSoft Nightguard

Please follow these instructions for care and use of your new Comfort HardSoft Night Guard.

  1. Clean daily with soap and water.  Do not soak in mouthwash or other chemicals.
  2. Do not place your night guard in direct sunlight.
  3. Rinse your night guard before and after use and store dry.
  4. Keep your night guard out of reach from pets and children, especially dogs.
  5. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach forces your head to be turned to the side, which may cause significant muscular strain.
  6. Your night guard is guaranteed for 1 year from the date it is fabricated by the laboratory.  Perform a periodic inspection of your appliance and call this office should you notice a crack or other issue with your night guard.
  7. Call this office should you require an adjustment to your night guard.
  8. Only wearing your night guard nightly will ensure that it protects your teeth from damage.

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