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Whitespeed 30 Minute Whitening

What is Whitespeed 30 Minute Whitening?

Whitespeed 30 Minute Whitening is a procedure designed to lighten the color of your teeth using a combination of a 18% hydrogen peroxide gel and 22% carbamide peroxide gel.  During the procedure, the whitening gel will be applied in your bleaching trays and your teeth will be exposed to the gel for 30 minutes.

Who is a candidate for Whitespeed 30 Minute Whitening?

Those who want to touch-up the color of their teeth and have whitened previously are good candidates for this type of whitening.  Those who have had a tooth cleaning within the last 2 months are also good candidates.  If you have extreme sensitivity to whitening, then another type of whitening may suit your needs better.

Do I need bleaching trays to have this service?

Yes.  You must have custom bleaching trays that fit you well for this procedure.  We can fabricate custom trays for you prior to your whitening session.  Please contact this office for details.

How often can I have Whitespeed 30 Minute Whitening?

Many patients have this procedure after dental cleanings twice a year.  Others only want to whiten once a year.  The color of your teeth will determine the best interval for Whitespeed 30 Minute Whitening.

How will I know Whitespeed 30 Minute Whitening was effective for me?

Your tooth shade will be measured both before and after your session.  We will make a note in your chart for future reference.  You may stop by the office at anytime for a shade check to determine if you are ready to schedule another session.

Post-Operative Instructions